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    Church website creations began as the vision of a Disciples of Christ clergy couple with more than 40 years experience serving in local congregations in Kentucky, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.
    Combining church experience with computer saavy, the couple knew that a major challenge for many congregations is keeping information current.  There may be a person who knows how to set up a website as a volunteer, who does not really want to make the time commitment to manage it regularly. At the same time, the part time secretary is not really interested in learning how to do the management.
    So, their website is not current. Members never check it. They have seen what's there before. It has nothing of interest to them.  Potential newcomers see that the site is not current and look elsewhere. Or, newcomers see that the website does not give the basic information they need to be willing to check out the church further. Some churches even have multiple websites set up by staff or volunteers and then orphaned and left online.

    Our wesites are simple.We keep them current.
    They load fast, even with slower internet connections.
    Our websites are designed to rank high in the search engines. Our goal is to be on the first page of the most common, simple searches for churches in the town or city, and we usually succeed.

    Our goal is to provide web experience and knowledge that is affordable and within the reach of any church budget.   


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